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March 16, 2010

very useful: Biographical account of all the wives of the Holy prophet

Hazrat Khadija:
Hazrat Khadija also known by the name of Tahira was daughter of Khawalid bin Asad and Fatima bint Zaidah. She was twice widowed. She married Holy Prophet (pbuh) in the age of 40and Holy Prophet (pbuh) was 25 years old. She died in the age of 65.
She bore to Holy Prophet (pbuh) 2 sons and 4 daughters. Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not marry as long she was alive. She was first convert to Islam. She suffered hard ships and persecutions. She gave Holy Prophet (pbuh) moral support when Holy Prophet (pbuh) received first revelation and financial support by placing her wealth at his disposal.
She was a pure and pious lady. She used to help poor’s.
Hazrat Sawdah:
She was the second wife of Holy Prophet (pbuh) after Hazrat Khadija. She was once divorced. She needed protection from her family which was against her. Holy Prophet (pbuh) married her to give her protection. She died in the 22 year of hijrat. She was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi.
She had narrated 5 traditions. She was early converts of Islam. Her dwelling and Hazrat Aisha’s were first the first to be built in the mosque. She loved Holy Prophet (pbuh) so much that at his last illness she did not went for hajj or umrah. She also gave her turn when Holy Prophet (pbuh) met every wife in the favour of Hazrat Aisha.
Holy Prophet referred to her as the most generous and charitable of his wife’s. She was pious and god fearing. She got up before dawn for prayers and indulges in them till sun rise.  
Hazrat Aisha:
She was daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr. Holy prophet married her before migration to Madinah. She was 10 at the marriage but it was solemnized at attaining maturity. They married 10 years after holy prophet received first revelation. At Holy Prophet (pbuh) death she was 25 years old. She spent rest 48 years as a widow.
After the death of Holy Prophet (pbuh) she preached and propagated the message of holy Quran and Hadis. She got more allowance than other wives because of her knowledge. She used to convey decisions on religious matters even during the days of first 3 khalifas. She is ranked amongst prominent companions of Holy Prophet (pbuh). She had memorized 2 thousand, 200 and 10 traditions. Holy Prophet (pbuh) was buried in her apartment. She often used to purchase slaves and free them. She was known by the title of Humaira and Umm e Abdullah.
She was a pious and god fearing lady. She fasted very often and was particular about the pilgrimage.
Hazrat Hafsa:
 Hazrat hafsa was daughter of second Khalifa, Hazrat Umar bin Khattab. She was born 5 year before prophet hood. She was once widowed. Holy prophet married her to strengthen ties with Hazrat Umar and his tribe. Hazrat Hafsa died in the month of Shaban 45 A.H and is buried in jannat-ul-baqi.
She was rank second to Hazrat Aisha for desire for knowledge. She has narrated about 60 traditions. She was the custodian of the original copy of the holy Quran compiled by Zaid bin Sabit.
She was an extremely religious lady, known for her devotion to prayer and fasting. She gave her property to poor and needy.
Hazrat Zainab bint Khuzimah:
She was the daughter of Khuwalid bin Abdullah. She was once divorced and was poor. Many people proposed her but she rejected them. Holy Prophet (pbuh) married her in the month of Ramzan, 3A.H. she died after 3 months and is buried in jannat-ul-baqi. She was 30 year old when she died.
Holy Prophet (pbuh) led her funeral prayers. She used to help poor for which she was called Umm ul Masakin.
She was a very kind lady. No poor returned empty handed from her house. She had no match in benevolence and generosity.
Hazrat Umm e Salmah:
She was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Umayyah. She belonged to house of makzoom a tribe of quraish. Her father was leader of tribe. They were rich and wealthy people. She was once widowed. She was married to Holy Prophet (pbuh) in the end of Shawwal, 4 A.H. She was 84 at the time of her death, and as such she was born 9 years before Nubuwwat. Her funeral was led by Hazrat Abu Hurairah and she was buried in jannat-ul-baqi.
She was the first woman to migrate to Madinah. She was second to Aisha in learning. She narrated 378 Ahadis. Her style of recitation was identical to Holy Prophet (pbuh).
She was modest and generous. She led simple and pious life. She had intense love for Holy Prophet (pbuh).
Hazrat Zainab bint Jash:
She was the Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) first cousin. She was daughter of Umaima bint Abdul Muttalib. She was first given in marriage by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) to his adopted son Hazrat Zaid bin Hazrat. When Hazrat Zaid divorced her, she was married to the Prophet Mohammad by command of Allah, as mentioned in Surah Al Ahzab This took place in 5 A.H., at that time she was 35. She was born 17 years before Nubuwwat. She died in 20 and ‘Umar led the funeral service. She was 53 at the time of her death.
Her house was used for extension for Holy Prophet (pbuh) mosque. She was the first to meet Holy Prophet (pbuh) in heaven.
She was pious and generous lady. She used to help poor’s.
Hazrat Jawariyah bint Haris:
She was a war captive and was distributed to another person but she did not want to go with him and she told this to Holy Prophet (pbuh). So he proposed her to marry him so he could pay ransom to him. Hazrat Jawariyah agreed and they married. As a result many war captives were set free. She died in age of 65 during reign of muawiya and buried in jannat-ul-baqi.
She was a woman of great learning and she quoted many traditions. She was a woman of religious mind and spent most of her time in prayers.
Hazrat Umm-e-Habibah:
She was daughter of Abu Sufyan. She was once widowed. She was married to Holy Prophet (pbuh) to save her from her father who was enemy of Islam. She died in the age of seventy three.
She narrated 65 traditions. She wanted to help besieged people when Hazrat Usman was besieged in 35A.H in his house but she couldn’t. She migrated to another for the sake of Islam and suffered many hardships.
She was a staunch believer in tenets of Islam. She was a devoted and loving wife of Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Hazrat Safiyah:
She was born in madinah and belonged to a Jewish tribe of banu nazir. She was divorced woman. She was captive of Khyber war. This made a great impact on the Jews, with the result that many accepted Islam. Safiyah died in 50 A.H, in the age of 60 and was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi.
She wanted to help besieged people when Hazrat Usman was besieged in 35A.H in his house but she couldn’t. She has quoted a number of traditions.
She was a wise and intelligent woman. She was generous and kind hearted.

Hazrat Maimunah bint Haris:
She belonged to the tribe of Quraish. She was sister-in-law of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. She was once divorced and widowed. She married Holy Prophet (pbuh) in 7A.H. She died in 51A.H at the age of 73 and was buried in Jannat-ul-Baqi.
She was found of freeing slaves and of advising Muslim women. Holy Prophet (pbuh) called her a “symbol of goodness”. 46 traditions are quoted from her.
She was very pious and humble. She was also very learned.

Hazrat Maria Qibtia:
She came from a respectable and wealthy family. She was a present from the Chief of Egypt. She embraced Islam before reaching Madinah. Later Holy Prophet (pbuh) married her. She passed away 5 years after her son passed away and is buried in Jannat-ul –Baqi.
She gave birth to the Holy Prophet’s son, Ibrahim by which she rose in esteem and position among other wives. She was second lady after Hazrat Khadija to have son. She was respected by first two Khalifas of Islam and got pension.
She was pious and religious minded. She was a kindhearted and charitable woman.

Hazrat khadija grave


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    Resource:- Farkanda Noor Muhammad
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